Boardwalk on the Enchanted trail

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The boardwalk is wide enough for use by wheelchairs, including motorized wheelchairs.

There is a viewing platform with seating available.

The boardwalk passes through a swampy area and opens out to a meadow and reed bed along the power line right of way.. It is a great location for birdwatching and has a huge number of fireflies in the summer.

Please yield right of way to anyone in a wheelchair or using any type of assistive walking device. Please keeps dogs on short lead on boardwalk section of the trail.


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Pull-off dirt parking area on left just after turn off Plumtrees Road.


The Enchanted Trail stretches across Wolfpit Preserve, the Bethel Educational park, Boardwalk, and into East Swamp and eventually connects to the Bennet Property, Meckauer Park, and crosses to the Libby Kellogg preserve.. It passes thorugh a mix of Bethel Land Trust properties and public land. Trail map: PDF or JPG.

After end of boardwalk, continue along power line right of way. Skirt around edge of power station to find connection to Bennet Property.

Accessibility information

The ramp between parking lot and boardwalk is flush with boardwalk. However, the parking lot is packed dirt and gravel, so may be difficult to navigate after heavy rain. Boardwalk is wide enough to accomodate motorized wheelchairs. There is a seating area about halfway along the boardwalk. The area at the seating and the platform at the end of the boardwalk are wide enough to turn around. MOST of the boardwalk does not have a railing, but it does have a raised edge. The seating area is the only section with railing.

Trail beyond the boardwalk is an easy walk and MAY still be passable with a wheelchair in DRY conditions or when the ground is frozen. While the trail is wide and well cleared, wheelchairs and canes may sink into soft ground during wet periods. Proceed with caution. In all conditions, once you reach the power station, turn around as trail becomes too rough for a wheelchair.