Several of the properties preserved by the Bethel Land Trust offer public access, allowing you to soak in the great outdoors in a variety of ways. Other properties - while they do their part to preserve habitat and water quality - have no public access and simply are not suitable for hiking or other activities. Check out the stories behind all our preserved properties below.

Recreation areas

Not all properties are suitable for recreation. The properties listed here are all suitable for some sort of activity such as hiking, fishing, geocaching, birding, or fishing. Click the name to find out more about the property


These properties are all areas NOT suitable for recreational activities. They may be swampy, have steep slopes, or be otherwise inaccessible. While they may be great wildlife habitat, they aren't anywhere you likely want to visit. Birders, you can generally park on road at any of these if you want to observe. But be aware there are no trails! Click any of the property names to see some more information.